Accomplice–Hugo Chavez

You can immediately tell a lot about someone’s intent when they accuse Israel, a state born out of the Holocaust, of “Nazi” tactics. Hugo Chavez is part of that ilk:



Special Dispatch – U.S. & The Middle East
August 8, 2006
No. 1235

Venezuelan President Chavez on Al-Jazeera: Israel Uses Methods of Hitler, the
U.S. Uses Methods of Dracula; I’m a Nasserist who has Crossed Deserts, Ridden
Camels, and Sung Along With the Bedouin; Al-Jazeera Plays a Role in Liberating
the World

In an interview with Al-Jazeera TV that aired on August 4, 2006, Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez expressed his solidarity with the entire Arab people on
the occasion of his birthday, stating that his heart “beat along with millions
of Arab hearts.” He goes on to talk about how Israel is “doing what Hitler did
to the Jews,” how the U.S. is “like Count Dracula – always in search of blood
and petrol,” how Nasser was “one of the greatest people in Arab history,” and
how Al-Jazeera plays “a role in liberating the world.”

The following are excerpts from the interview.


“I Have Crossed Deserts, I Have Ridden Camels, and I Have Sung Along With the

Hugo Chavez: “I want to congratulate the people of Qatar, and its leader, my
friend and brother, Prince Hamad. From this pulpit, I send my brotherly
congratulations to the entire Arab people. I’m celebrating my birthday in the
heart of the Arab homeland, on Arab land. What a happy coincidence! My heart
beats along with millions of Arab hearts. I could have been an Arab. I have
crossed deserts, I have ridden camels, and I have sung along with the Bedouin. I
have learned in those years to love and respect the Arab people.”


Israel’s Aggression is “Perpetrated in the Manner of Hitler”

“We feel that the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians and against
Lebanon is directed against us too. This aggression is unjustified. It is
perpetrated in the fascist manner of Hitler. Israel is justified in criticizing
Hitler and his aggression – and we criticize this as well – but now they are
doing what Hitler did to the Jews. They are killing innocent children and whole
families. They dismantled the legitimate government of Palestine, and thwarted
tremendous efforts to achieve peace and establish a Palestinian state.

“Now they are attacking Lebanon, and have destroyed more than half of it,
according to the latest information. They have assassinated hundreds of innocent
people, and to what end? There is no justification for this. I am telling you
with all honesty that the hand of the Americans is spurring them on. This hand
is behind the Israeli aggression. It is imperialistic aggression. The real
threat to the world is the imperialistic threat posed by the U.S., and Israel is
one of its imperialistic instruments in this part of the world.”


“On this day, as I am celebrating my birthday, I demand, on behalf of the people
of Venezuela, that Israel withdraws from the land of Palestine and from Lebanon.
There must be an immediate cease-fire. We must give room for diplomacy, and
respect law and human rights. We cannot go back to living in caves. This will be
terrible for the future of humanity.”


“Once again, the mask has fallen from the Satanic imperialistic face of the U.S.
They used their veto to prevent the Security Council from activating the
mechanism of the U.N. in order to put an end to this aggression.”


The U.S. is “Like Count Dracula – Always in Search of Petrol and Blood”

Interviewer: “Mr. President, could this lead us to say, as has been claimed,
that this is an American war by proxy, rather than an Israeli war against
Lebanon and Palestine?”

Hugo Chavez: “Yes, I have no doubt about this.”


“In 50 years, the U.S. consumed the energy consumed by humanity in 150 years.
Now, they are working to take control of the petroleum of the peoples, in order
to consume it, just like Dracula. They are like Count Dracula – always in search
of petrol and blood. Why? Because they want to preserve something transient –
the American imperialistic way of life.”


“The American Empire is the No. 1 Enemy in the Way of the Kingdom of Peace and

“In all honesty, I say that it is the U.S. that should formulate a plan for
post-imperialism. American society cannot and should not come to an end, but the
imperialism of the fascist elite will. We must defeat imperialism in this
century, so that this elite will not annihilate the world. Either we succeed in
1,000 different ways to end imperialism, or else imperialism will use 1,000
different ways to annihilate the world. This would constitute the end of
mankind, the end of our hopes. Jesus Christ called on us to live in the Kingdom
of Peace, but there can be no peace without freedom. I’m a Christian, and I
believe that Jesus came to announce to us the coming of the Kingdom of God, and
the Kingdom of God is peace, equality, and justice. The American empire is the
number one enemy in the way of the Kingdom of Peace and Justice.”


“How can this be achieved? The answer has to do with the strategy that will
allow us to reach our goal – reaching what Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven.
How? This can be done in a multi-polar world. The answer is that we must create
a multi-polar world. This is the spirit of the foreign policy of Venezuela, my
dear friend and brother, Muhammad.”


“Nasser was One of the Greatest People of Arab History”

“Someone talked to me about his pessimism regarding the future of Arab
nationalism. I told him I was optimistic, because the ideas of Nasser are still
alive. Nasser was one of the greatest people of Arab history, to say the least;
I am a Nasserist, ever since I was a young soldier.”


“My Heart is With Al-Jazeera and its Media People… You Have a Role in
Liberating the World”

“Whenever I meet an Al-Jazeera reporter, I feel like giving him an interview or
a statement. Allow me to say to the Al-Jazeera staff that I am amazed by them.
As someone who fights for a just world, it is an honor for me to be here, and to
sit across from you in these studios, and among these colleagues and brothers in
Al-Jazeera. I say to the media people I have met here, and with some of whom I
shook hands, that you are an example and a model of honor, bravery, and the
fight for justice. You are committed to the code of journalistic work, and to
the breaking of the monopoly over the media, and the distortion of the truth,
despite all the pressure.”


“My heart is with Al-Jazeera and with its media people, its employees, and its
workers. You should continue to serve as an example, and present the truth to
the world, because the truth is that you have a role in liberating the world.”


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