Morality Of Mass Murder in Seattle–warning not for the fainthearted

Congratulations, Brave Muslim Warriors

Seattle is Safe From Pregnant Jewish Women

When will the political left figure out the difference between
Israel and the Muslims? Notice I don’t say “Muslim extremists.” That’s because the “extremists” have the moral and financial support of Muslims everywhere, and because the Islam we call “moderate” is more intolerant than the Klan.

The left excoriates Israel constantly for its “brutality,” complaining that
Israel kills civilians. Yes,

Israel kills civilians. So does every country that engages in military action. Like all civilized (i.e. “non-Muslim”) nations, and to a greater degree than most, Israel strives to avoid civilian casualties, but they still happen. As a result of Muslim provocation, of course. No one bothers to point that out.

Muslims, on the other hand, target civilians deliberately. The USUAL goal of armed Muslims is to kill civilians. Partly because they’re barbarians, and partly because they generally lack the guts to take on soldiers.

Israel attacks a missile battery. The Muslims shell a suburb. Israel destroys an ammunition dump. The Muslims shoot up a playground. This is the way it has always worked. Yet the poltical left squeals in outrage when a Muslim civilian dies, and they accept dead Jewish civilians as though being a Jew justifies murder.

The left wets itself when anyone dares suggest that Muslim immigrants and resident aliens need special scrutiny, or that they might turn out to be disloyal. But the left isn’t around to pick up the pieces when British Muslims or American Muslims who have never been oppressed in their lives blow up a subway train or kill random citizens with a sniper rifle. Actually, they ARE around. To tell us we brought it on ourselves.

Now another mighty Muslim warrior–an American citizen–has reminded us how brave and moral Muslims are, and how loyal Muslim citizens are, by breaking into a Jewish community center and shooting six women, one of them pregnant. Way to go, Muslim Avenger. I’ll bet Allah is really impressed. Maybe next time you could break into a maternity ward and shoot Jewish babies. By Muslim standards, that would be a major military victory.

Why stop there? Come on down to Florida. We still have some retired Jews here. Go to a retirement community and shoot a bunch of tiny octogenarians with walkers. Allah is great! He will protect you when they try to hit you with their canes and miss because they have cataracts.

How can Muslims call themselves men when they support cowardly attacks on women and babies? How can they look Americans and Israelis in the eye, when we take such great pains to spare their non-combatants? What a bunch of pansies. No wonder they go through life screeching about how emasculated they feel. They are emasculated. They emasculate themselves every day by indulging their cowardice. We aren’t dealing with men. We’re dealing with a culture of little boys in men’s bodies. And when I say that, I realize I’m being unfair to little boys.

If Muslims don’t develop a little dignity and learn to behave like adults, there will come a day when the rest of the world occupies their backward little countries, disarms them, and takes over the business of distributing their oil. I used to think imperialism was wrong, but that was before I understood the Muslim mind. As long as they behave like monkeys, they have no right to run their own countries and maintain armies, and they should be conquered and forced into submission. And because they’re such lousy soldiers, the rest of the world is very capable of doing that. That’s what happens when you learn to fight by shooting old people and toddlers. When a real army shows up, you last about a week.

Congratulations on another victory for Mohammed, that revered gangster and pedophile. That proud, manly proponent of wife-beating. And take comfort in the fact that provocations like this are going to help a whole bunch of you meet up with your imaginary virgins.

I don’t know why the left calls conservatives “chickenhawks” and claims we’re afraid of Muslims because we don’t all join the military. When you’re in a war with Muslims, the military is the safest place to be, because the military is the thing Muslims are least likely to attack.


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