Appeasers– France, UN on Shebaa Farms

Hezbollah started this conflict with Iran’s push to distract the world from the UN nuclear program. Hezbollah’s ideology is pure Islamo-Fascism. Yet now, the Shebaa farms “non-issue” is being considered as a reward for the terrorists. Bush opposes this; France is fine with it. Shebaa farms was an internationally recognized part of Syria that was captured by Israel in the ’67 War after Syrian aggression. Even the UN has recognized a full Israeli withdrawl from Lebanon. The Shebaa farms issue is a “red herring” that Hezbollah brings up to have an “issue” other than Jew hatred to oppose Israel.

  • U.S., France Split on Lebanon Cease-Fire Resolution – Colum Lynch and Robin Wright
    The U.S. and France have split over key provisions in a compromise resolution to end hostilities between Hizballah and Israel, according to European and U.S. officials. France wants to incorporate ideas from Lebanon’s new proposals, particularly on deploying Lebanese troops alongside a more robust version of the UN force now in Lebanon as a means to expedite an Israeli withdrawal, and settling the status of Shebaa Farms. The U.S. thinks a strong international force needs to be in place before an Israeli withdrawal to ensure that Hizballah is not able to resume control of southern Lebanon or shoot at Israeli forces as they pull out. The Bush administration also does not want to offer more specific language on Shebaa Farms for fear it would be seen as a reward to Hizballah. (Washington Post)
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