Fighters–Pres. Bush calls it by name “Islamo-Fascism”

The premise of this blog is that we must understand this ideology to defeat it. We must call it by name to understand it. Yesterday, Pres. Bush did just that:

The Struggle Against Islamic Fascism – President George Bush (White House)

President Bush said Monday:

  • “[UN Resolution] 1559 clearly laid a way forward for there to be a strong democracy in Lebanon, which will more likely yield the peace. And there is a level of frustration around the world with organizations that will take innocent life to achieve political objectives….We must deal with this movement with strong security measures, we must bring justice to those who would attack us, and at the same time, defeat their ideology by the spread of liberty.”
  • “And it takes a lot of work. This is the beginning of a long struggle against an ideology that is real and profound. It’s Islamo-fascism. It comes in different forms. They share the same tactics, which is to destroy people and things in order to create chaos in the hopes that their vision of the world becomes predominant in the Middle East.”
  • “Part of the challenge in the 21st century is to remind people about the stakes, and remind people that in moments of quiet, there’s still an Islamic fascist group plotting, planning, and trying to spread their ideology. One of the things that came out of this unfortunate incident in the Middle East is it is a stark reminder that there are those who want to stop the advance of liberty and destabilize young democracies. And they’re willing to kill people to do so. I repeat, this whole incident started because Hizballah kidnapped two soldiers and launched rocket attacks. And it’s been unfortunate that people on both sides of the border have lost life. And we’re committed to helping the Lebanese government rebuild.”
  • “On the other hand, what we won’t do is allow for a false hope. We believe that it’s important to challenge the root cause now. We thought we had done so with 1559, but 1559 wasn’t implemented. In other words, there was a way forward to deal with the problem. And now there’s another chance to deal with the problem, and that’s the role of the United States, working with others, to not only remind people about the problem, but to come up with solutions in dealing with the problem. And the solutions that we are working on with our friends are, in our judgment, the best hope for achieving stability and peace.”

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