Fighter– Netanyahu on Islamofascism.. risk to everyone

Former P.M. of Israel, Netanyahu speaks eloquently about the risk to the world, not just Israel or the Jews of the ideology of I-F:

“The question is what we do about the insane militancy that aims to become nuclear to destroy all of us,” Netanyahu said. “Countries should end their absurd obsession with Israel and be preoccupied with their own survival.”

Netanyahu said Israel was engaged in “a war conceived, organized, trained and equipped by Iran, with Iran’s goal of destroying Israel and its fantasy ideology of building a once-glorious Muslim empire in which we are merely the first pit stop.”

“Another mad man was dismissed 65 years ago,” Netanyahu said. “They thought he just had a problem with the Jews. No, he didn’t. This is the source of everything that is happening here now. These people are stark-raving mad, but there is a method to their madness, just like Hitler. If Israel disappeared from the face of the earth, it would only make them move faster. If the world doesn’t understand it’s facing a mad ideology, the world will have no idea how dangerous a turn we are facing.”


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