Heroes in the battle– Dayna Klein, Seattle

This pregnant woman was shot at the Seattle Jewish Federation in the arm (protecting her belly) and still managed to crawl and call 911 for help, while the assailant tried to stop her:

Daniel Pipes, who calls the assault on SIX WOMEN, one of whom was murderd by the Islamofascist, “sudden jihad syndrome”:

… a moving account of the remarkable actions of Dayna Klein, 37 years old and 17 weeks pregnant, whom the police credit with doing much to end Haq’s rampage. “She was shot in the arm … because she was shielding her belly. She fell and crawled to her office and dialed 911, [police chief] Kerlikowske said. Haq, he said, told her ‘not to do that. But she continued to tell the 911 operators what was happening.’ … In the 911 call, Klein and the dispatchers, speaking jointly to Haq, managed to calm him down and get him to stop shooting. After a few minutes, he blurted out: ‘I’ll give myself up.’ Responding to a dispatcher’s question, Haq said he was ‘wearing a green shirt, blue pants. I’m in jeans,’ the police report said. ‘I’ll put my gun down,’ he said. ‘She says my gun is down.’ Asked by a dispatcher who ‘she’ was, Haq said it was Klein, ‘the woman I just shot’.” Kerlikowske said of Klein: “She’s a hero in my eyes.”


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