Accomplice– Zogby brother of pollster

THis is John Zogby’s brother Jim.   John is a well known Pollster.  Glad he’s not allowed to poll his family for objective analyis:  Here Zogby is interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN:

One Man’s Terrorist Is Another’s Rape Victim?
Get a load of this exchange between Zogby and host Anderson Cooper:

Cooper: Jim, do you deny that Hezbollah uses civilians or at least, you know, works among and/or hides among women and children?

Zogby: The resistance movement in south Lebanon, I haven’t supported the tactics that they’ve used in the bombings that they’ve participated in. I cannot see the Israelis attempting to justify the carpet bombing of many areas of Lebanon as continuing to say that they’re simply targeting Hezbollah.

There was a funeral march in Tyre the other day. It got bombed. It was not a Hezbollah target. They bombed a motorcade of Red Cross materials coming in from Jordan that was supplied by the United Arab Emirates. They knew what it was. They were told what it was. They bombed a U.N. post. They were told 10 times–

Cooper: Jim, though, I mean, does Hezbollah bear any of the responsibility for any of the civilian casualties?

Zogby: I’ve said from the beginning that their behavior was reckless and provocative. But Israel bears the responsibility. It’s like saying what Mort is saying and what those who want to make that case is saying, the girl who wore the short skirt deserved to get raped–

At least one of Zogby’s claims appears to be mistaken. Arutz Sheva notes that Reuters falsely reported that Israel had bombed a funeral procession but later “updated the report to state that the bombs struck a village at the same time the funeral was taking place, adding that ‘the air strike was not in the immediate vicinity of the funeral.’ “

But even putting that aside, Zogby’s claim that Hezbollah bears no responsibility for civilian casualties is outrageous, and his likening of Hezbollah to a rape victim is scandalously so.


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