Understanding It– “Londonistan” Book by Melanie Phillips

Sometimes you have to leave the internet and actually read a book. One that is important, but difficult to read because of its frightening implications is LONDONISTAN. The British author describes the rise of Radical Islam in Britain, and the inability of British society to respond. She points out that the culture of victimization, fostered by post-colonial guilt and a loss of pride in British identity, has rapidly led to power for radical, anti-Western elements in what is euphemistically called England’s “Asian” population. Dramatically, she describes how the counter -attack of “Islamophobia” has paralyzed British society from responding to this threat.

I’m reading this book now, and yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, I read the following quote in relation to the terror suspects arrested before they could blow up ten planes and kill thousands: “The cumulative effect of Islamophobia, both internationally and nationally, linked to social exclusion, has created a generation of angry young people who are vulnerable to exploitation”, said Tarique Ghaffur, assistant commissioner of Scotland Yard in n address Monday.

I was shocked!! First of all, this quote is outrageous, Second, it is being said by an officer of Scotland Yard, charged with stopping this phemenon. And thirdly, it is being printed in the Wall Street Journal as “news”.

I urge you to read this book. You may not agree with all of her conclusions re: the risks of moral equivalence, multicultural education, and moral inversion against traditional British culture; but her documentation is powerful. One example is a British University that advised a professor not to teach a Religion course dissecting the Koran (as they do for Christian and Jewish scripture) for fear of “consequences”.

If we are not able to stand up for freedom and allowed to criticize extremist elements in Islam in “free” societies, how can we defeat Islamo-fascism worldwide?


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