Appeasers–French re: Peacekeepers

Has anyone ever seen a nation backtrack as rapidly as the French have done since the US attempted to bring them into a multi-lateral negotiation to change the status-quo in Lebanon? They started out talking about Chapter VII, potent multi-national force that they woud LEAD to disarm Hizbullah and keep the peace. Then they would lead if…. then they would participate… then they might show up with 200 guys (6-7 soccer teams full of head butters like Zinadine might help). THe blog has some choice words on this subject:

…………………..The same France that was beating the UN Cease-fire drum so hard, long and loud to get Israel to stop hammering France’s Iranian/Hezbollah friends in Lebanon, in favor of the insertion in Lebanon of a multi-national force to maintain the peace, continues to astound the world with its deep caring and magnanimity.

France has offered to put a whole 400 troops into Lebanon. Yes, that many. That’s a doubling (Ooo Wow) of the 200 they currently have in the worse than useless UNIFIL. So now there will be 400 brave, assuredly totally not (wink, wink) anti-Semitic Frenchman in UNIFIL. Now there’s only 14,600 to go. Why, at that rate, the force should be all filled out in less than 20 or 30 years.

By the way, I have a French Army rifle for sale. It has never been fired and was only dropped once.

Oh and meantime, the Germans, who were going to send 200 troops, have decided to opt out and send none.

If this agreement is not kept by the signatured parties, what will the Israelis do? Anything? Does anyone need any more proof that the UN building in New York would make wonderful condos?


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  1. Rastaman Says:

    I appreciate the credit, however its islamanazi, not islamonazi. But thanks.


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