Naming It– Is Islamo-Fascism correct term?

Alan Reynolds wrote a piece analyzing the term and overall disagreed with the terminology.  However, a great letter, appended to the same article, agreed strongly and succinctly stated the reasons– excerpt follows. I agree with the letter writer that it is an appropriate term. I also emphasize we need to name the idoelogy to fight it.

celtic-dragon writes: Thursday, August, 24, 2006 12:37 AM
Islam and National Socialism
are certainly not strangers. The “Mufti” of Jerusalem appeared in Berlin in 1942 to pledge solidarity with the Nazis. Like fascism, Radical Islam is a cultural reaction to societal freedom and permissvness. It’s just in this case, the adherants of Islamofascism are wedded to an ideology of matyrdom and fanatical religious certainty that the Nazis never even dreamed of. Oh yeah, these guys are trying to get nukes…
Far more then a slur, the similarities are striking:

1. Hatred of Jews, with a concentration on outlandish conspiracy theories and imagined plots.

2. Fostering a cultural belief in victemhood, wherein the believers have been bullied and harrased by outside unbelievers, but revenge is just around the corner…

3. Creating a mythology of a past Golden Age that can be re-attained…usually by killing and subjugating the unbelievers.

4. Creating a state system that incorporates all aspects of the mythology into public and private life. Dissent is ruthlessly crushed and suppresed.

I’m sure that more parallels can be found, but this is what I can see off the top of my head. I call them how I see them: Islamofascists.


One Response to “Naming It– Is Islamo-Fascism correct term?”

  1. Alan Reynolds Says:

    I certainly did not disagree that there is such a thing as Islamic fascism (though “Islamo” silly to my ear). My points were different, and broader than those listed above. Basically, it is incorrect to use fascism as a word meaning nothing more than hatred of jews. The proper word for that is anti-Judaism, and the Quaran does not condone it (Muhammed was violent against polytheists, not monotheistic “people of the Book” — Christians and Jews).

    One can be any kind of fascist, communist, theocrat or any other lousy excuse for tyranny without hating Jews, gypsies, kulaks or “the rich” — even though aspiring dictators often do exploit handy scapegoats.

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