Understanding It– Fox News Correspondents Released


I just heard that Fox News reporter Steve Centanni and Cameraman Olaf Wiig were released from Islamo-fascist capture. Preliminary reports indicate that a “forced conversion” to Islam and the wearing of Arab robes, along with mouthing anti-US and anti-Israel diatribes was necessary for them to be released. Other reports indicate money exchanged hands. I note that the Hamas Prime Minister of PA attended a release ceremony and is taking credit for their release from captivity.

Fox News Correspondents reviewed the release this evening. They reported considerable relief that these innocent reporters were finally let go. However, one asked, will the so-called moderate Islamic world condemn the “forced conversion”? The implication is that if not Muslim, the hostages would have been killed according to Islamo-fascist ideology and regular practice. That people are being forced to convert to save their lives should be condemned by everyone in the world in the 21st Century. Will it? You be the judge.



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