Accomplices– Hizbullah Fundraising in US– “Buy a Rocket”

Eliminating the financial flows to Islamo-fascists is a key component of the fight against this ideology.  Hizbullah, Hamas, etc. raise money in US and Europe.  Today’s news article in Washington Post reveals that you can even designate how your money goes– “a rocket”  or “bullets” can be checked off….


“…The Bush administration moved yesterday against a key fundraising arm of Hezbollah, the militant Shiite Muslim movement that is part of Lebanon’s government, ordering a freeze on its assets in the United States and making it illegal for Americans to contribute to the organization.

…The United States regards Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, but the European Union has refused to join in that designation, in part because of the group’s vast array of social services.
Yesterday’s action against the Islamic Resistance Support Organization was intended in part to demonstrate the link between Hezbollah and terrorist activities. The Treasury Department released copies of a receipt issued by the group to a donor, which on the back listed projects such as “collection box project for the children and homes,” “contribution to the cost of a rocket” and “contribution to the cost of bullets.” The donor, whose name was redacted, used ink to signal his interest in helping fund a rocket.

During the conflict with Israel, Hezbollah launched about 4,000 rockets, killing more than three dozen civilians….”


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