Methods– Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Yesterday an Afghani immigrant SUV driver killed one pedestrian and injured at least a dozen more in San Francisco and Fremont California. This is not widely reported in the “major” newspapers at this time.  Prior episodes in North Carolina (Muslim student attacks pedestrians in his car) and the recent shootings at a Jewish Center in Seattle (one Jihadi shot six women) were also not covered to the extent of the Jon Benet crime… has at least two great posts on this subject. Clearly not all the facts are in. It appears the man recently returned to Afghanistan to have an arranged marriage and his wife remained behind. Not much else is yet known or reported about him.

Excerpts from Dean Barnett’s post at the above website follow:   

” … a 29 year old San Francisco resident by the name of Omeed Aziz Popal went on a murderous hit-and-run spree that culminated in front of San Francisco’s Jewish Community Center…

A lot of people will note the similarities between this incident and other incidents that Daniel Pipes has cogently filed under the heading Sudden Jihad Syndrome. …

But that hasn’t stopped Gavin Newsom, San Francisco’s reliably headline-whoring Mayor, from reaching conclusions of his own. Said Newsom, “This was so senseless and inexplicable.”

Well, of course Newsom is correct inasmuch as the incident will remain inexplicable if no one makes any efforts to explain it. …Is there any wonder why so many Americans are losing faith (or have lost faith) in their political class?”


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