Understanding It– Who Needs Diversity Training?

In a twist, Cal Thomas describes how the British sent its police officers for diversity training to an Islamic school that it later raided.   Clearly we must understand the enemy in order to defeat it.  How can our societies go to radical Islamic groups like CAIR and MPAC for White House visits and interfaith meetings or train police at radical Islamic schools and defeat Islamo-fascism?

excerpts:  …Political correctness dies hard in the West as evidenced by the recent embarrassment of Britain’s Sussex police, who sent officers for “diversity training” to an Islamic school that they subsequently raided as part of a crackdown on those who recruit and train jihadist warriors. Don’t the cops have it backward? Shouldn’t the people in that school be subjected to diversity training and taught the concepts of pluralism, tolerance and religious freedom? Who is attempting to blow up more airplanes? Who has sworn to murder all “infidels”? It isn’t British police officers.

Then there’s the story of a hospital in northwest England that has introduced a new hospital gown for female Muslim patients that resembles a burka. They’re calling it an “inter-faith” gown. An editorial in The Daily Express said, “If people want to live in Britain, then they must accept British standards and the British way of life. The standard hospital gown is surely good enough for everyone.” How refreshing…


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