Hate Education–Palestinian Textbooks, a brief movie

Westerners often wonder where the hate comes from.  Why do they hate us?  Israel must be doing something terrible, after all, people are lined up to become homicide terrorists. 

Why are they willing to travel to Iraq to blow up Americans?  It must be something WE have done wrong to them, some grievance, something horrible in us. 

MAYBE NOT.  Maybe it’s the hate education.  This movie shows the education that kids should get and contrasts it with the lessons that Palestinian Arabs learn in their textbooks.  It touches the heart in a powerful way and the mind, as well.  I suggest you watch it and share it with friends. 

Teaching kids hate is child abuse and MUST stop.  Western countries often underwrite the cost of these textbooks, which teach hate, and the cycle continues.

More about this on TeachKidsPeace.com


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