Ideology– What Saudi Arabia is Like

Little Green Footballs weblog describes Saudi Arabia as an apartheid theocracy.  This is perhaps generous given the US State Department’s 2006 report on Religious Freedom in that country. For example, there is no freedom of religion (no surprise) and only Muslims can be citizens.  Prosletyzing by non-Muslims is illegal and Imams continue to preach hate and violence against Christians and Jews in sermons, although apparently less so than prior to the 2003 terror attacks in what I call Arabia, ruled by Saudis.  The reason this is important goes beyond the suffering of women and minorities in that society.  The Islamo-fascist ideology has been spread and is being spread by Saudi funding of Wahhabi mosques worldwide.  Furthermore, the Saudi society illustrates, as did the Taliban, what an Islamo-fascist society looks like.  Just in case you didn’t think it was that bad.


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