Methods– Abuse of Women in Islamo-fascist society

Memri does a great review of recent human rights abuses in Iran.  Full article can be found here:


Iranian human rights activists recently initiated a “One Million Signatures Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws” campaign, aimed at fighting legal discrimination against women in Iran. According to one of the initiators, journalist Maryam Hosseinkhah, the campaign aims to collect one million signatures by June 2007. Its planned activities include door-to-door petitioning as well as conferences and rallies. The campaign also operates a website ( ) on which Iranian men and women over 18, inside and outside Iran, are invited to sign the campaign petition. [1]

The campaign was to be officially launched on August 27, 2006, with a seminar titled “The Impact of Laws on Women’s Lives,” but the Iranian security forces prevented the event from taking place. This is a characteristic example of the hostile attitude taken by the Iranian security forces towards activities of this sort. A June 12 women’s protest in Tehran was likewise violently broken up even before it could get underway, by women activists from the Basij, [2] who brutally beat the demonstrators and prevented them from holding up their signs advocating equal rights for Iranian women. The demonstration ended with the mass arrest of about 70 men and women – human rights activists, students, intellectuals and journalists. [3]

The Iranian authorities also announced recently that Malak Ghorbani, a 34-year-old Kurdish woman and mother of two who has been convicted of adultery, has been sentenced to death by public stoning…


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