Losing To It– ISG (?Inane Strategy Guesswork)

Mark Steyn, columnist, essaying, humorist calls the ISG (Inane Strategy Guesswork) and later the “Insane Gran’pas” document. This guy is brilliant, insightful, and funny. The whole package, one might say.

Worth reading is his whole colum


2 Responses to “Losing To It– ISG (?Inane Strategy Guesswork)”

  1. JBELI Says:

    immaculate sophisticated group is another title much more appropriate than your jive. The US destroyed a country for show and vanity. It’s time to fix this quagmire. Most of those who worked and still work for corporate America are corrupt. Remember Enron? How about the guys from Carlyle and the famous group previously chaired by the macho man from the east wing? Get a grip will ye? You are stuck in a deep trench and blinded by the thick dark smoke of right wing hysteria. There is no more islamofascim than there is a judeochristianofascim. You are just beyond comprehension. Not even Sigmund Freud can do anything about it. May God help us all?

  2. TJ Says:

    As for your conspiracy theories mentioning Enron, etc., the foolishness of that I will let the readers see for themselves.

    Re: Islamo-fascism– Most people understand what fascism is. It is a particular system of government/culture that has been seen throughout recent history. Islamo-fascism is quite simply a version of fascism that exists within a context of Islamic radicalism, “Islamism”, political Islam, and is currently seeking world domination (by its own admission).

    As for Freud– do you think insults enhance your perspective?

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