Accomplices– “When Progressives Treat with Reactionaries”

Below you can access a detailed pamphlet written by Martin Bright, cited in an equally brilliant speech by Conservative MP Paul Goodman that discusses the manner of dealing with Islamists by the British Government. Mr. Goodman’s speech features the following quote from its conclusion:

George Orwell once wrote of the

    “deep, deep sleep of England, from which I sometimes fear that we shall never wake till we are jerked out of it by the roar of bombs.”

On 7/7, we heard the roar of bombs in London. I sometimes worry that the deep, deep sleep that Orwell described in the 1930s is still here in relation to Islamism in sections of the Government, parts of the political and media establishment, the House and the country. This is one of the most urgent problems facing us, and if we are in that deep, deep sleep, it is time for all of us to wake up.

The pamplet can be reviewed in its entirety. Again, one can hope this is the beginning of a serious re-evaluation of a failed British policy to try to “co-opt” locally grown radicals and attempting to reach accomodations with Islamo-fascists–even as local arrests and terror attempts expand.


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