Understanding It– 10 things about Jihad

The Horowitz Freedom Center, an affiliate of Front page magazine (see blogroll), has published in its newsletter a list of ten things you need to know about Jihad. They emphasize important principles and are worth reviewing: First phrase is from the newsletter on pg. 2; the remainder are my comments.

1) The jihad isn’t about the war in Iraq– this is about a much bigger issue, than began long before Saddam was ousted and spans many countries and regions

2) the jihad isn’t about Israel– picture a world w/o Israel, as Ahmadinejad dreams, would the drive to attack the US, Islamicize Europe, and take over moderate Arab regimens end or be reduced in intensity? not.

3) the Jihad isn’t about America– jihad predated America by centuries. This jihad is about freedom of thought, about dominating regions with an antiquated version of Islam, NOT about American policies

4) the goal is jhad is world domination– those that are inspired to fight seek this as their birthright… many will continue until defeated or killed. A worldwide ‘caliphate’ they speak of run by an Islamic warrior-king.

5) the ideology of jihad terror is rooted in Islam– that is why I use the term Islamofascism. The philosophy is Islam derived; its cultural makeup is Islamic/Arab. That must be understood as we fight it.

6) The jihad ideology demands the killing of infidels or conversion– this is at its root. Akin to the Spanish Inquisition and other “early Christianity” excesses, jihad believes in conversion or death. Domination is the goal.

7) The jihad is advancing thru subversion and violence. —There are many methods in different situations, in different countries. Not all are violent–much is propagandistic and manipulation– e.g. CAIR.

eight) The jihad philosophy oppresses women– those that follow this call to jihad are among the Muslim world’s greatest oppressors of women (see Taliban and Afghan women– burkas, no school, murders for minor offenses, “honor” killings, etc.)

9) The jihad ideology institutionalizes oppression of non-Muslims. — The choices are limited– convert or die. In the meantime, you can function as a lower class, pay a dhimmi tax, while you decide.

10)The jihad is a threat to all free people.– This is not about America vs. Al qaeda or Hamas vs. Israel. This is about freedom vs. jihad tyranny (see Philippines, Indonesia, Somalia, Spain, London, Nigeria, Lebanon, Arabia, etc.).


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