Methods– Maintaining Control

How do Islamo-fascists maintain control of their societies?  Like other thugs, they kill the opposition, both political and ideological:

Here’s a piece about a preacher killed by Hamas gunman just after his sermon.  Clearly these folks are “religious”.


Hamas critic gunned down in Gaza.  Sermon against group had just been delivered.   By Ibrahim Barzak, Associated Press  |  January 6, 2007GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Assailants gunned down a Muslim preacher known for his anti-Hamas views yesterday, witnesses said, moments after he exited a mosque where he delivered a sermon criticizing the Islamic group’s role in a wave of Palestinian violence.

…There was no claim of responsibility for yesterday’s shooting of Adel Nasar, a mosque preacher who was shot as he got into a car in the Mughazi refugee camp in central Gaza. But Fatah accused Hamas.

“Sheik Nasar was killed after he came out of the mosque where he criticized Hamas after the crime committed by some of its gunmen yesterday,” the group said in a statement.

…witnesses said Nasar’s assailants pulled up to him in a white car and sped away after the shooting.

Nasar, 50, was not openly affiliated with any political party, but he was a well-known figure in the refugee camp and often preached against Hamas. Shortly before the shooting, witnesses said, Nasar had criticized Thursday’s deadly attack on the home of Colonel Mohammed Ghayeb, a top Fatah official in northern Gaza.

In his sermon, Nasar warned that God would punish the killers of Ghayeb and his bodyguards. He also said God would punish Palestinian rulers for not preventing the attack, said Jibril Awwar, a friend of the preacher who was slightly wounded in yesterday’s shooting.



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