Is Multiculturalism Destroying British Society?

I had an opportunity to hear Melanie Phillips, UK Journalist and author of Londonistan, on a recent speaking tour. She made several cogent points:

1) multiculturalism, as practiced in Britain, is a revolutionary ideology, that calls for equal acceptance of all cultural expressions, including those repugnant to the host society. It is NOT about tolerance, which we all advocate, it is about the negation of moral distinctions and the extinction of the Judeo-Christian ethos.

2) multiculturalism doesn’t allow for criticism of bad behavior by the majority and assumes the minority is being oppressed and that the majority must accomodate the minority

3) multiculturalism is sapping Britain’s will to resist Radical Islam (the Islamo-fascists)

4) modern academic political theory classifies groups as victims or victimizers. Victims are people of color or minorities, including Muslims. Victimizers are powerful Western countries, majority populations, Europeans, and Israelis. Any act of aggression by victims (as classified above) automatically calls for an explanation of why the victimizer (as above) is wrong. Any response by the “victimizer” to stop said violent aggression is wrong, excessive, racist, and disproportionate

Hence, British society, and by extension the West and the US must move beyond these radical conceptions of the world to survive. She wants people to wake up, to look and listen, to understand, to overcome their ignorance as to cause and effect, and to fight the enemy. Who is the enemy? Radical Islam– not all Muslims– but those who advocate violent Jihad and those who wish to impose Sharia law on Western nations. Read more in LONDONISTAN, her excellent book and her website (see webblog to right).


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