Understanding It– What do Islamo-fascists themselves Say?

Wouldn’t that be a good idea for a movie?  Show Islamo-fascists speaking to their own people, in Arabic, about their goals, aspirations, and plans.  Well  it has been done.

Called Obsession,  this movie is being seen at colleges and elsewhere around the world.

At world under fire.com  , you can see a map of worldwide terror attacks by Islamo-fascists, along with funding, and arrests.  In case you don’t think it’s a worldwide phenomenon, check out the map.  You’ll note several incidents in the US that don’t get as much attention, including the UNC student who drove thru a crowd trying to kill and the Seattle man who murdered a woman at the Jewish Federation there and wounded five others. 


One Response to “Understanding It– What do Islamo-fascists themselves Say?”

  1. ted Says:

    We are going to lose the war on terror.

    This is why.


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