Propaganda– Where’s the Outrage When Muslims Kill Muslims?

  • In the New York Post, Ralph Peters points out the hypocrisy in the Muslim world regarding the mass intentional death of civilians perpetrated by fellow Muslims (vs. US — and unintentionally)
  • excerpts:
  • Ralph Peters
    When Sunni suicide bombers murdered 118 Shia pilgrims (and wounded almost 200 more) on Tuesday, Sunnis around the globe looked away: Shias only count as Muslims when America can be blamed for their suffering. Shouldn’t Muslims have denounced the attacks on the pilgrims? Shouldn’t such an atrocity have sparked Arab anger that transcended Islam’s internal divide? After all, those murdered Shias were fellow Arabs. Islamic unity is a sham.
    The two suicide bombers who killed those pilgrims were Saudis. Saudi money is spent lavishly to divide struggling societies, to block social and educational progress for Muslims, and to preach deadly hatred toward the West. In the slums of Mombasa or Cairo, in Lahore, Delhi and Istanbul, the Saudis do everything in their power to make Muslims hate us. (New York Post)

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