Fighting It– Stopping Saudi Propaganda

Christopher Hitchens, in a book review of Mark Steyn’s AMERICA ALONE, calls for the elimination of Saudi funding for mosques, books, and schools in the West until certain terms are met.  The Arabians, throught their Wahhabi organizations, fund much of the radicalizing Imams, mosques, books, and schools that threaten to distort Islam for another generation of immigrants to Europe and the US.  Why allow it?  The Saudis do not allow the practice of any other religion in Arabia, teach their school kids to hate Jews and Christians and keep their minority Shia population impoverished.  We need their oil (for now).  We don’t need their Hate Propaganda.  Let’s stop it.


“…Meanwhile, we should insist on reciprocity at all times. We should not allow a single Saudi dollar to pay for propaganda within the U.S., for example, until Saudi Arabia also permits Jewish and Christian and secular practices. No Wahhabi-printed Korans anywhere in our prison system. No Salafist imams in our armed forces…”


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