Fighting It– Five Tactics

As cited by Austin Bay at Real Clear Politicsl the strategies are Dale Eikmeier’s…:

…That utopian fantasy seeks to explain and then redress roughly 800 years of Muslim decline.”  (Well Put, I might add)

How to defeat the ideology, with its fantasy narrative? Recently, Dale Eikmeier published an essay in the U.S. Army War College’s Parameters Magazine. The essay, titled “Qutbism: An Ideology of Islamic Fascism,” suggests “five lines of operation” for attacking Qutbism, which he calls al-Qaida’s “ideological center of gravity.”

First: Attack the message — an ideological offensive by moderate Muslims. Eikmeier says Yemeni Judge Hamoud al-Hitar has a particularly effective theological counter to Qutbism.

Second: Attack the Messenger — “Many of Qutbism’s proponents are individuals with questionable religious credentials.”

Third and fourth: Attack Islamo-fascism’s supporting institutions, and support mainstream Islamic institutions — mirror images. Attack al-Qaida’s educational, financial, and informational structures. Support those of Muslim moderates.

Fifth: Inoculation. Eikmeier says this requires education regarding the Qutbists’ “anti-human rights and religiously intolerant agenda.” Eikmeier says the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the U.S. Bill of Rights are the alternatives.

Which takes us back to democracy, doesn’t it?…


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