Appeasers– Tony Blair decries a “state of semi-apology”

Tony Blair was interviewed in the Jerusalem Post as he is functioning as a Mideast envoy.  He was asked about the causes of Islamofascist terror:

He answered brilliantly:  (excerpts follow)

…”This terrorism is not our fault,” he said. It needed to be fought through a combination of military action where necessary and “a galvanizing idea that is more powerful” than the extremists’ message. “And that idea is not simply about freedom and democracy, though it should be about that, but also about justice,” he said.

“The trouble with a large part of the Western world is that we’re in a state of semi-apology the whole time, and that’s an absolutely hopeless position from which to take this thing on… A large part of public opinion in the West is basically saying, ‘We have caused this. It’s our fault they’re like this.’ I just think that’s nonsense.”

He said he had personally found himself “in profound disagreement with a large part of public opinion” in Britain on this, “which is tough.” But he felt it was better to hold to his positions than to embrace what he considered misguided policies. “If you look at the posture of much of the Western world on Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said, “it is, ‘If you come after us really, really hard, we’ll give up.’ I mean, how do you win a battle from that perspective?”…



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