Wahhabism– Movie- The Kingdom

Just watched “The Kingdom” on DVD and remarkably it shows many of the key elements to clarify the struggle with Islamofascism:

1) the Islamo-fascists are willing and pleased to blow up Westerners at a picnic softball game

2) they perceive these attacks against civilians as glorious and obviously justified

3) they use techniques such as exploding a bomb after first responders arrive and people mill about, to maximize casualties

4) they gleefully add screws, bolts, and marbles to bomb belts to kill and maim more individuals

5) they use ambulances to hide their bombs

6) they hide among women and children at home

7) they are only defeated when they are killed

and the US, represented by the FBI team, will methodically and scientifically seek clues and relentless and courageously pursue those responsible until captured or killed

The only failure of ‘this movie is its ending where a writer or producer infected with the moral equivalent bug added a twist with protagonists on the FBI side and the terror leader both sharing a desire for revenge with subordinates or family. Cut this piece out and the movie is a great statement of the differences between the West and Islamo-fascists and hence highly educational as well as entertaining.


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